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Alot of it is subjective, NOONE who has ever played Runescape

ForumaiBendrasNaujienos Alot of it is subjective, NOONE who has ever played Runescape

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Prisijungė: 2021-10-28
Spa 28
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About a quarter of OSRS GP the way through the second year Gentry got hacked by (we believe it was Josh but not sure) and he just left. I was the last remaining player. When I first began playing, we thought it was so cool. We all know how overwhelming it can be to start playing the game. There's so much to learn! There are so many places to study about.

It had a devastating effect on me and many others. That was what caused many of my classmates to walk to the side. It's hard to believe that I thought Draynor was Varrock when I was young. Thai Tong, a Thai Tong-like character, was on Sal's Realm. A lot of you have had the pleasure of meeting him.

He was one the first to show me how I could accomplish things. For many years, we have been best buddies! I could always rely on him for assistance. He also taught me Dungeoneering at the time it was first released, since it didn't really resonate with me.

I am an inactive participant who played from 2007 to the year 2011. I was trying to get my game up to date when Evolution of Combat updates came out. It appears that the game is completely destroyed and it has me wondering whether it's worth returning to.

For those four years, I was playing for at minimum 4 hours per day. It was the most enjoyable thing in my life the friendships, the enjoyment, and not getting bored. The news has left me feeling more depressed than I have ever been and I just feel really bad for them to have done this. Do I need to return to it or try to forget about all the great memories? Should I go back to RS 07 or should I just forget all the good memories?

Alot of it is old school runescape buy gold subjective, NOONE who has ever played Runescape in any of its formats at any point in time can really recreate that first thrill or flush of playing a new game or content they had been looking forward to.
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